Cartoon Cookbook

These are just a few cartoons for my (teen?) cookbook. I drew it for my son, thinking he would move out some day and need some basic cooking ideas. They are mostly three-ingredient recipes, and the instructions are written in plain English, the same way I would tell my son how to cook. The thing is, my son still lives at home and can now cook things with more than three ingredients!


To make my argument FOR simplicity in cooking, here’s the antithesis to the three-ingredient recipe:



What this cookbook is NOT:

bookcover satyricon

The importance of planning and timing meals:



The importance of cleaning out the vegetable drawer in your fridge:


The importance of sorting out old, outdated stuff in your cupboards:


The importance of having fresh ingredients for your food:


The importance of having good quality pots and pans:


And again, the importance of timing and planning:


The importance of tying up your hair before cooking: