Commune Girl

Since people seemed to enjoy reading and even bought copies of my illustrated biography “Story of an Artist,” I thought I would write a longer book about part of my past. Above all, I want to keep doing what like to do best whenever I can. Commune Girl is the working title, and I have already begun drawing and writing it. It’s about an eight year period of my childhood when I lived on a hippie commune. This time, it will be a book for young adults. After all, I can’t avoid things like nudity, sex and drugs.

I am only uploading line drawings. At some point in the near future I’ll color everything. I have to let it sit for a while and think about a color palette.


Prologue Illu 1Prologue Illu2  prologueillu3

Prologue Illu4


And here’s a possible book cover, based on one of my favourite book covers (and favourite books) of all time, the Great Gatsby The original artist is unknown.


I will probably end up using my own handwriting for the cover. This is just a rough idea.

Here are some cartoons: