Commune Girl

Since people loved reading and bought my zine “Story of an Artist,” I decided to write a longer book for young adults about part of my past. Commune Girl is the working title, and I have already begun drawing and writing it. It’s about an eight year period of my childhood when I lived on a hippie commune. The drawings below are just a sneak preview, and not a part of the book.

Prologue Illu 1Prologue Illu2  prologueillu3

Prologue Illu4


Here are some sample cartoons to give you a rough idea of what the book might look like:

ADayAtTheCommuneIlluStraightPeopleHippiesPendulum PowerColored01_HippieOnMoon06_Hippie TradingCardZinePage07_HoleFoods08_Boobs copy09_Dicks copy11_HippieHealing12_RedwoodTreeHouse13_CommunBookshelf14_HobbitHouse copy15_IkeaForHippies copy